Tape 1 Play

by Mike Pays Heat

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released January 15, 2016

Engineered and Produced by Martin Black
Live Tracking Engineered by Martin Black & Ian Farmer
Mastered by Ian Farmer
Recorded at Mad Dragon Studios

Album Artwork by Beau Brynes

Words & Music written and performed by Mike Pays Heat
Bass, Piano, Synths, Vocals - Wil Schade
Guitar, Banjo, Baritone Horn, Vocals - Ian Hunter
Drums, Percussion, Assorted Screaming - Daniel Siper
All other parts performed by a friend

Released 1/15/16 via Dead Medium Records



all rights reserved


Mike Pays Heat Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia based with indie vibes.

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Track Name: Living Out
there's no right way to let go of where you wanted to be
you just unravel yourself, and hope for a strong enough headwind
to carry the parts worth keeping
to someone who deserves to hope for something better

and everything left over that's spread like seeds
across the empty field you chose for sentiment's sake
returns to the ground to be swallowed and buried and beaten
towards growth and revision

because rebirth is an injustice
towards sleeping dogs and skeletons cowering in closets
and revolution's only for the lucky kids
who carry courage and conviction completely

and desperate fingers reach like weeds
through the cracks in the dried up soil
and everything that's growing will grow until it's known

that we've got cinder blocks chained to our feet and lines bored into our features, etched from forgettable years spent furthering life just to give ourselves one more forgettable year, as if we've all forgotten that we've got all of the time in the world. and we lose track of the subdivisions in the beats of our tirelessly pumping hearts, and the ecstasy of the air inside our lungs, as if these seeds don't give life.
Track Name: Steve &
i need something to say
don't want to watch her drift away
too much, too quick
can you feel the record skip?

do you think it's messed up to wanna be someone else?
i think if i could only be anyone else
i could manage to say hi to you without being fucked up
and maybe something clearer would bleed through the speakers

i need a new skin
don't want to feel that way again
new ears, new lips
did you feel the record skip?
Track Name: Miranda
you asked for my hand with your cool callous candor
then you broke my fingers with a ball peen hammer

desperate and frantic, and cruelly romantic
Miranda our love just comes down to semantics
and tell me again how our friends don't understand
when you swallow my glass heart, your lungs fill with sand

you sewed my eyes shut and lauded the sun
you rubbed shit in my cuts and called it great fun
Track Name: Sleepover
i'm losing sleep over pretty much anything
and i can't figure out why you talk to me
or why people talk so much at all
there's no way you have that much to say

i love hearing you talk, i just don't always listen
but that's hardly sustainable interaction
see, i've been losing sleep over pretty much everything
but i'm still completely disinterested in the morning

i've got nothing good to say, is it okay if i talk anyway?
Track Name: Bedroom Life
burned out his life
in a hospital bed
surrounded by lives
that exist in his head

squandered his talent
his heart and his charm
for another good hit
and the beast in his arm

his brother couldn't get
his priorities straight
built up his walls
was a little too late

too old to start over
the sun's going down
he might as well
hang around in that town

life is outside your bedroom door
i'm not sure what it takes anymore
to just be happy
Track Name: Circuits
you're holding on to every straw
you're grasping raw and broken
clinging long to every song and line
it must be working cause
every time you find the time
to breathe and be uncertain
you're getting close to being close
to throwing back the curtains

you're blinking hard, our burning star
in every heart and purpose
cancer grows, but don't you know
your time is all but worthless cause
everything, and everyone you love
are broken circuits
and when you sink and when you're low
you know you will resurface
Track Name: We Can't Swim
i can't swim i can't speak the same lines every week
the same streets the white lights the grey shades the dark nights
the low fights the small talk the short years the long walks home

so i sink into verse chorus patterns again
cause change is more suited to people with friends
and you'll grow your roots burning holes in the film
and i'll spend my time drifting close growing dim

do you wanna drown with me?
there's nothing left to see
do you wanna drown with me?
there's nowhere else to be

we can't swim
we can't speak
Track Name: Breaking Pencils
here you are again, breaking pencils against paper that won't yield shit
you've lost your focus, he's funnier than you, plays guitar better than you ever will
and just as another line refuses to be written, the lights begin to dim
and you lose any hope of finding your way to the door

trip over your desk, or maybe it's just your severed head
lying where it belongs, completing the metaphor, you've lost your head, get it?
the windows fly open and the blinds slam shut, city's turning it's back on you
and turning around and back and through but never towards you

here you are now, lying on your back on a dirty rug, ever smoked a cigarette?
things were simpler back when your friends smoked cigarettes
but things aren't simple with her and him and she but never quite 'we'
it's been a week but you're freaking and terrified of losing what you'll never have again

hold on tight to that rug, cause it looks like you're ascending
to the room above, where people are fucking
through again, above that, why's she crying?
too late now, you're above it all and it's cold, it's cold and it's beautiful
and it's all so much it hurts
and as your blood slows and thickens you take one last look and you see
Track Name: NNFS
this couch, these years
i'm sick of talking 'bout my fears
his spring, your fall
nobody exists inside these walls

get out, sink in
everybody's drinking now again
give up, drift down
it's quiet here with no one else around

i remember how to be alone
and i am not coming home

loose thoughts, dead leaves
are you content with life inside the breeze?
speak up, sound off
i wanna hear your every word and thought
Track Name: No Better
anyone who says they love you
just doesn't know you well enough to know better
so hey let's drive people away
and lose ourselves another day

no one ever says it out loud
but everybody's gotta hate themselves sometimes
so hey let's blur the lines again
just love yourself and hate your friends

so sing your songs and right your wrongs
cause everything you know is just the passage of time
so hey let's turn the clocks around
and get ourselves to higher ground

i said, "i'm not proud of myself"
Track Name: Bloom
i'm growing sure that things will not work out
because everyone i know is wasted time and self-doubt
buried and trapped in handshakes and fuel gauges
using their paychecks to keep track of their ages
but they will figure it out

float, drift, drink
cough your doubts into the kitchen sink
breathe, stop, think (UH!!!)
on repeat, every week

people can't change and i am not the exception
close my eyes every night but i'm still the same intersection
of what the past can't remember and the future can't find
is this whole god damn thing in this moment combined
but i will figure it out

lift up your tired bones, let them break
you're blooming loud, this is the great awake